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Thank you for attending our panel discussion “Beyond #Brexit: A New Vision of Global Competitiveness for #Britain" organized by the @WSJ in partnership with @8Advisory & @EightIntl in London. We hope you enjoyed the lively debate and took away with you some fruitful insights.

Incredibly insightful research and Q&A Breakfast event discussing ‘Beyond Brexit’ - with the themes of education, entrepreneurship and FinTech leading the debate. Thanks to @WSJ and @8Advisory for hosting.
#beyondbrexit #FintechUK #FintechFinance #UKbusiness

An excellent discussion on ‘Beyond #Brexit: A new vision of global #competitiveness for Britain’ @WSJ hosted by @PhillipaLJ with @ccrosswell @realVickyPryce and @alexiskarklins @8Advisory

We should not be surprised that the UK is still doing well in #fintech and #innovation as it remains the financial capital of the world says @alexiskarklins @8Advisory but should not be complacent #competitiveness


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