Our team gathers functional and technical profiles with coding skills for all. This combination of competencies allows us to deploy a holistic approach, from the diagnosis to the delivery of digital transformation projects, as well as ad-hoc financial & business analyses.

We trust in the strong impact of data driven approaches and are clear about usual root causes leading to the failure of data / digital transformation projects.

Data & Digital for Transformation Services

Our team uses the best available technology (data analysis, visualization, process mining) to:

  • Answer strategic questions and drive appropriate decisions
  • Secure the consequent transformation projects

The main use cases are: the improvement of performance management in growth crisis or turnaround situation, support the equity story with transactional data, put under control e-commerce & payment activities, better understand our customer portfolio, drive simplification.

The project oriented on the improvement of the performance management aim to secure mandatory data (financial or business) for objective decision-making. Some examples:

  • Definition of the new performance cockpit covering operations & finance, run on 3 years of transactional data, connection with the business plan, assistance on technology selection & implementation
  • Redesign of operational excellence empowered by data sharing & process mining
  • Operational excellence for e-commerce & marketplace with mapping of data flows, line by line reconciliation. We master the end-to-end value chain from the customer order to accounting entries
  • Get the control back on operations through a data driven approach on transactional data

Our combination of competencies also allows us to assist our clients in the securing data & digital transformation programs post diagnostic and “proof of value”:

  • Assistance on technology selection
  • Assistance on partner selection
  • Specifications
  • Strategy & supervision of the acceptance tests

We are connecting all organisation layers from the executive committee to operational with an ability to give a holistic view to answer transversal issues.

Data & Digital for Transaction Services

Our team’s objectives are to perform “data due diligence” work alongside the Transaction Services team, supporting the equity story with transactional data to explain the value creation and valorize existing digital assets and satisfying company management to better value companies, treating technology not as an end in itself but as a mean that can help us continuously improve our responses to client’s needs.

  • In-depth analysis based on transactional data, e.g. customer and profitability analyses
  • Data & BI due diligences, assessment of the current capabilities in editing key performance indicators