Turnaround or restructure a business

Our Approach to Turnaround and Restructuring

During its lifetime, a company can experience difficulties with one or more of its activities.

These may be caused by external factors, such as market trends, increased competition or raw material shortages, as well as internal factors, such as organizational, governance or productivity problems, and may be of a financial, operational or commercial nature.

Turnaround Strategy – To guarantee the sustainability of the company, it is therefore often necessary to restructure underperforming activities in order to face emerging challenges.

Our Turnaround and Restructuring Services Support

In this context, Eight Advisory teams assist you in carrying out an independent diagnosis and elaborating an action plan concerning the various critical aspects.


We carry out a diagnosis of the difficulties in order to determine their causes and identify the challenges facing the activity.

Support for decision-making and proceedings

Our teams provide analytical decision-making support on all the various scenarios, such as internal restructuring, sale, credit settlements, winding up, and so on.

Action plan

Our financial and operational teams assist you in identifying financial, operational and restructuring action plans to deal with the difficulties.

Plan execution and monitoring

Once the action plan has been determined, our teams support you in executing and monitoring it with precise roadmaps and quantifiable objectives.

How we help our clients

IBR Due Diligence

We help our clients reassure their lenders and demonstrate their ability to honour their commitments.

Agreed Upon Procedures

We formulate agreed-upon procedures reports to meet specific client needs.

Turnaround Plan

We provide operational field support for restructuring based on our multidisciplinary expertise and action-driven approach.

Chief Restructuring Office (CRO)

Our restructuring unit is dedicated to helping senior managers execute a recovery plan, manage a crisis and accelerate recoveries.

Independent Business Review (IBR)

Eight Advisory specialised team supports our customers in their Working Capital and Cash Flow optimisation journey.

Turnaround and Operational Restructuring

In challenging situations, such as underperformance or loss of control, we step in as trusted advisors to restore value.

Labour restructuring

We act as a choice partner to prepare and support the implementation of a major reorganisation with significant or complex workforce restructuring.

Working Capital Management and Cash Services

The Cash Services Team provides assitance for all cash management issues


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