Buy a company (pre-deal)

Our approach

Before investing in a company, it is crucial to study its performance and other key elements for its valuation.

Our work begins with a general review of the target asset. This makes it possible to identify various upstream value levers, as well as key risks. We support you with all our financial, operational, tax and digital expertise, in order to cover all the key points in the transaction.

Our teams of experts guide you throughout the entire process, from an analysis of the asset to the drafting of the transfer documentation, including acquisition and financing contracts, analysis of price clauses, etc.

Our support

Eight Advisory teams assist you at all stages of the acquisition, from studying its characteristics and risks to the preparation of the main documents necessary for closing the deal.

Asset analysis

We study the asset’s characteristics, such as profitability, cash generation and relevant contracts, and identify risks, such as financial, operational, geographical and third-party dependence exposure.

Asset valuation

We help you standardise asset performance data, including recurring income, standardised results and cash generation, and establish the main financial aggregates, such as EBITDA, net debt, WCR, and Capex.

Closing the deal

We support you in the preparation of transfer and refinancing contracts. We also advise you on purchase and price adjustment clauses, and every other document involved in the transaction.

How we help our clients

Buy Side Due Diligence

We help you identify risk areas and key elements that can impact business value.

Agreed Upon Procedures

We formulate agreed-upon procedures reports to meet specific client needs.

Deal Financial Reporting & Structuring

Our Capital Markets & Financial Engineering Team supports you throughout your transaction process.

Public M&A

Our Capital Markets & Financial Engineering team supports listed companies in their major transactions (acquisitions, disposals, takeovers, spin-off, etc.)

Insolvency & Liquidation

Insolvency Services - We support our clients throughout their collective insolvency proceedings, helping them prepare and manage everything from insolvency notices and operating and cash flow forecasts to business, backup, recovery and disposal plans.

Working Capital Improvement

Eight Advisory specialised team supports our customers in their Working Capital and Cash Flow optimisation journey.

CFO Advisory

CFO Advisory Services – We support finance departments in the preparation and management of their transformation projects.

Working Capital Management and Cash Services

The Cash Services Team provides assitance for all cash management issues


Our goal is to support you in your acquisition process by providing you with accurate information and independent advice to help you make the right decisions.

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