Turnaround and Operational Restructuring

In challenging situations, such as underperformance or loss of control, we step in as trusted advisors to restore value.

Functional Expertise

Our seasoned functional experts bring extensive know-how from their consulting and industry experience across multiple organisational areas.

Turnaround and Operational Restructuring

In challenging situations, such as underperformance or loss of control, we step in as trusted advisors to restore value.

In challenging situations, such as underperformance or loss of control, we step in as trusted advisors to restore value.

Value Creation Plan

We help private equity funds and management teams achieve the full potential of their companies, both post-transaction and during investment cycles.

Strategic Transformation

Whether the aim is to be a game changer, best-in-class or to improve performance, sustainable transformation is at the heart of corporate culture, organisation, processes and data.

S&O in M&A

We support you with all operational aspects of transactions, from sell-side preparation through to due diligence and post-merger integration

Turnaround & Operational Restructuring

We assess the operational performance of distressed and underperforming companies, to identify the extent to which their value has deteriorated.

We help them rapidly implement a strategic and operational turnaround, from design to on-the-ground execution, throughout the value chain.

Turnaround Strategy – Beyond cost reduction levers, we consider top line growth and business model shifts that can energize the business, through market entry, product launches, repositioning, the disposal of non-strategic assets, and time and cash savings, which are among the key drivers of our approach.

Our Turnaround and Operational Restructuring Services Support

A turnaround plan is a value-preserving process that needs to be pragmatic, participatory and holistic. Based on our experience, we have identified best practices and grouped our commitments around 6 pillars to enable rapid, profound and sustainable results.

Time is of the essence

Creating a sense of urgency is essential for removing decision bottlenecks, cutting time-to-action, and enabling quick implementations, to prevent a lengthy restructuring from draining energy from the turnaround.

Hands-on action

We guarantee success by helping you apply the 80/20 rule, analyse key indicators, develop strategy, and act accordingly, empowering leaders, and clearly defining roles, such as the CRO, programme manager, and so on.


We help you create an action-driven environment, put experienced and determined implementers in charge, and define and assume accountability for outcomes.

Holistic approach

Adopting a 360° holistic approach that includes finance, operations, strategy, workforce restructuring, legal, change management, and communications will give your company the keys to success in its turnaround.

Fall-back strategies

As part of your turnaround plan, it is often best not to focus on a single solution.

We help you foster a dynamic management attitude, develop multiple scenarios and contingency plans, and define triggers to accommodate unexpected business events.

Consistent communications

Conveying clear goals and mission statements to every level, listening and watching rather than talking and telling, and opening up to build trust with customers and suppliers are crucial to your turnaround plan.

Our Specialities

Meet our Turnaround and Operational Restructuring Experts


Nicolas Cohen-Solal


Strategy & Operations

Florent Berckmans


Strategy & Operations

William Berger


Strategy & Operations

Nick Neil-Boss


Strategy & Operations

Tom de Troyer


Strategy & Operations

Jean Guillou


Strategy & Operations

Curt-Oliver Luchtenberg


Strategy & Operations

Raphael Mignard


Strategy & Operations

Frédéric Blache


Strategy & Operations

Turnaround and Operational Restructuring - Case Studies

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