Fairness Opinion

An independent opinion of the fairness of any transaction

Financial Modelling

Financial modelling and strategic decision support tools.

Fairness Opinion

An independent opinion of the fairness of any transaction

An independent opinion of the fairness of any transaction

Transactional Valuation

Valuation - a strategic tool at the heart of a transaction

Tax Valuation

Valuation specialists at the service of your tax issues


Purchase price allocation, impairment tests, and portfolio reviews: accounting issues that need to be anticipated

Management packages & intra-group interest rates

Management packages, intra-group interest rates, and corporate strategic, tax and accounting issues

Fairness Opinion

An independent opinion of the fairness of a transaction price

As an independent expert, we provide insights to Boards of Directors when they have to take a decision on a transaction price.

The added value that we bring comes from our position of independence, the technical expertise we have acquired in complex and high-stakes operations, and the rigour of our analyses.

Our Support

Our independence, our technical expertise and our experience of these situations enable us to provide to Boards of Directors value added analysis allowing them to take deal decisions.

Stock offers

When Boards of Directors have to recommend or not a public takeover, we analyze as an independent expert the fairness of the price offered. We regularly perform fairness opinions under the scrutiny of financial markets authorities, which are communicated to the public.

Independent expertise

We act as an independent expert in the application/establishment of shareholders’ agreements by applying the rules of governance and also when a transaction requires an expert’s opinion.

Employee shareholding funds

We assess the most appropriate valuation methodology for the shares held by the fund, analyze the optimal formula, and define a pragmatic and robust valuation approach.

Our Team


Alexis Karklins Marchay


Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Geoffroy Bizard


Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Sophie Carles


Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Romain Le Théo


Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Matthew Thumas


Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Marie-Amélie Viallet


Srategic Valuation & Modeling

Case Study

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