Diversity is a richness: it is up to us to make it a strength

Our commitment to diversity within the group

We make every effort to guarantee our employees and partners an environment where their origins, gender, opinions or preferences are never discriminated against.

At Eight Advisory, the individualities of each and every individual will never hinder their professional growth within the group.

We are therefore committed to promoting the representation of women through numerous actions.
We are convinced that the development of diversity requires the involvement of everyone, regardless of gender, and we have set up actions aimed at all employees, such as training and conferences, and those dedicated solely to women, such as role model workshops and the welcoming of new arrivals...

We believe that plurality in a pan-European organisation of Eight Advisory's size stimulates innovation, enriches decision-making and reflects the diversity of the society in which we operate.

equal pay between men and women

The representativeness of women is at the centre of our concerns.

The development and maintenance of this diversity demands, in particular, more representation for women in our group and in society. We firmly believe that this requires the involvement of each and every one of us. We therefore are implementing actions intended for all our teams, as well as  others aimed particularly at female team members.

We organize, for example, training and conferences for everyone, as well as certain modules specifically dedicated to women, such as our Role Models workshops.



Baby Eight

In 2015, we launched a partnership with French day-care operators to obtain priority places for the children of both our male and female employees.

The French Association of Diversity Managers

The AFMD is an association founded in 2007 by managers committed to managing diversity within their teams to the highest possible standards.

Their objective is to make institutions and companies aware of the importance of creating a working environment that is inclusive and respectful of each and every employee.

France Invest’s Talent & Diversity Commission

The Talent & Diversity Commission meets once a month to work on issues of diversity and parity in investment teams in France.

The strength of Eight Advisory lies in the individualities of each and every individual, which we consider assets.
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