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The real estate sector has experienced more than 10 years of consistent performance, but new challenges are emerging: financing, sustainable development, teleworking, etc.All stakeholders must now imagine a new path of growth for the sector.

There are various segments in the real estate sector: residential, tertiary, industrial, logistics, and trade. Within each segment, there are also various categories, such as: ground floor management, retail parks, shopping centres, outlets, etc. Real estate is therefore extremely varied in nature. However, all such asset classes across the entire sector have one thing in common: unmatched performance for over 10 years.

Driven by low interest rates, cheap financing and high demand, real estate is an extremely competitive yet attractive sector offering very high returns on investment. Highly active fund-raising has born witness to this, whether by investors on behalf of third parties or approved management companies.

However, the second half of 2022 seems to have brought the sector to a turning point in terms of the end of cheap money, debt cost increases, inflation, and ecological and HR issues for companies, not without their effects on demand.

The foundations of the sector are facing great challenges, and so real estate industry players will have to imagine new frameworks to continue to make it a successful economic sector.

Key Trends

The end of summer 2022 has put markets to the test, and real estate is no exception. At this point, the tendency is to wait and see, but it is certain that both new opportunities and risks will emerge. The challenge will be to know how to pick up on and judge the changes as they emerge. The future of sector players is a question of strategy, and a welcome challenge for Eight Advisory.

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Our areas of expertise

Our pan-European group helps companies solve complex problems by providing both the right technical expertise and a human and invested approach to finding concrete solutions.

  • M&A Transaction Services
  • Restructuring
  • Strategy & Operations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Capital Markets Services
  • Transformation Finance
  • Technology Transformation
  • People
  • Strategic Valuation & Modeling
  • Infrastructure, Energy & Project Finance
  • Real Estate Services
  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation
  • Tax Services
  • Private Equity Services
  • ESG and Sustainability Services


Eight Advisory supports your business in delivering significant value through a perfectly executed transaction strategy.


Business Restructuring - Recovering value by managing today's financial and operational challenges while preparing for the future


We help your teams to create and implement the operational strategy for transactions or transformations.


Our mission is to secure and accelerate data-centric organization deployments.


Our goal is to offer you tailored solutions throughout the entire process (from preparation to execution as well as post transaction).


We put our expertise at CFOs' disposal to satisfy the needs of Finance Departments.


Maximising your technology environment to make it central to your company's value creation


We engage your people in your transformation journey to ensure lasting performance through an inclusive and pragmatic approach.


A key part of the Eight Advisory's know-how, the Strategic Valuation & Modelling Team operates in a wide variety of areas, including transactional, accounting, legal and tax issues. It covers all economic sectors across Europe and has a global reach.


Building robust and sustainable infrastructure with you.


Eight Advisory Real Estate, a bespoke approach to your real estate strategy


The expertise of our team allows us to offer a sharp financial analysis in support of conflict resolution.


Eight Advisory's Tax teams assist companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, as well as investment funds and financial investors in resolving their current or exceptional tax issues, as well as in the context of your growth and restructuring operations.


With our sector knowledge and international reach, we have created a one-stop shop for private equity firms and their portfolio companies by combining the different areas of expertise required throughout the investment life cycle.


Our Team


Philippe Méjean


Real estate

Kaoutar Dehaumont


Real Estate

Edouard Decamp


Transaction Services

Curt-Oliver Luchtenberg


Strategy & Operations

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