Damages Assessment

We assist our clients in the financial aspects of their litigation and in the evaluation of their damages.

Delay Expert

Our team are experts in the quantification and analysis of project delay responsibilities and costs.

Damages Assessment

We assist our clients in the financial aspects of their litigation and in the evaluation of their damages.

We assist our clients in the financial aspects of their litigation and in the evaluation of their damages.

Post M&A dispute

Our team has recognized expertise in M&A and post-acquisition disputes.

Distressed Litigation

Eight Advisory’s strong reputation in restructuring enables us to provide a complementary support service for distressed litigation.

Penal and Regulatory Proceedings

We provide our clients with expertise on the financial aspects of their criminal or regulatory proceedings.

International Arbitration

We offer support in the quantification and evaluation of economic and financial damages in international arbitrations.

Independent Expert

Our team can act as your independent expert in the most complex of issues.

Damages Assessment

Combining our expertise in finance, economics and accounting, our Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution team provides support to financial and legal departments in assessing economic and financial damages in various sectors, including construction, retail, aeronautics, telecoms, petrochemicals, media, industry, etc.

Our team is also regularly involved in financial counter-expertise projects.

We offer assistance in all amicable, judicial and arbitration contexts.

Our Damages Assessment Support

Our economic and financial analyses support the full assessment of damages. Our deliverables thus provide robust and substantiated conclusions to support your negotiations or bring evidence to court.

Damage Assessment

When assessing damages, our approach, recognised by tribunals, consists of evaluating the discrepancy between the actual situation experienced by the plaintiff due to the alleged fault and a theoretical situation, where no fault is committed.

Defensive critical analysis

In cases of disputes brought before the courts, we can assist your financial and legal departments in presenting counter-expertise arguments against the claimant’s arguments. In particular, our experts can analyse and demonstrate the causal link between the fault and damages caused.

Our fields of action

We can support you throughout all kinds of proceedings, starting with pre-litigation. Our team also offers support in dealing with ad hoc arbitration and international courts, as well as in the context of independent expertise consultancy and mediation.

Meet our Damages Assessment Experts


Céline Leroy


Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Paul Lederlin


Restructuring and Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution

Floriane Mérias


Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Damages Assessment - Case Studies

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