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Valuation is the process of gathering a set of relevant, valid and reliable information, examining the degree of adequacy between this set of information and a set of criteria adequately chosen as a basis for decision making. Ketele

At Eight Advisory, Romain Le Théo assists large corporate accounts, family businesses and investment funds in their transactions. He is particularly involved in independent valuation assignments as well as tax and transactional valuations.

Romain Le Théo is also in charge of the development of the Strategic Valuation & Modeling (SV&M) practice in the regions and is responsible for the SV&M team in Lyon.

Romain started his career as an equity financial analyst at Associés en Finance, before joining Ricol & Lasteyrie in 2010, and Eight Advisory in 2015.

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The core value of Eight Advisory that defines me the most


To evaluate a company is to understand it. The contexts and needs of evaluation are diverse but the common base of each intervention is to start by appropriating the history, the perspective, the market dynamics and to understand the importance of the women and men who constitute it.

I like to think that the evaluator is the company doctor who must make the right diagnosis in order to provide the right answer.

Beyond that, I had the chance within Eight Advisory to pursue my own entrepreneurial path by participating in the development of our activities in the regions and by setting up a dedicated team. This project brings me a lot of professional satisfaction and represents a real human adventure.


Private Equity – Financial valuation & merger audit – 2022 Ranking – Audit & accounting firm – France – Leaders League

Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Private equity – Management consulting – 2022 Ranking – Investment banking – France – Leaders League

Strategic Valuation & Modeling

Private equity – Portfolio valuation – 2022 Ranking – Audit & accounting firm – France – Leaders League

Strategic Valuation & Modeling