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The period of change we are experiencing requires companies to adapt, even to rethink their business model. This period also creates opportunities. It is up to us to help them seize them!

Raphaël Mignard joined Eight Advisory in September 2022 to take charge of the development of the Strategy & Operations and CFO Advisory activities in the regions. He is based in Lyon.

Raphael holds a degree in business law (Lyon 3), a degree in finance (ESLSCA), and an executive mba from HEC Paris. He has acquired extensive expertise in the insurance and agribusiness sectors and has developed significant experience in corporate governance, strategic thinking, transformation plans and value creation plans.

Raphael is a former partner at Mazars where he managed the launch of the consulting activities in Rhône Alpes (2012/2014). Before joining Eight Advisory, Raphael was running his own strategy consulting firm specialized in the agricultural and agri-food cooperative sectors.

The core value of Eight Advisory that defines me the most


The value that characterizes me the most among the 3 cardinal values put forward by Eight Advisory is Respect

Respect means accepting others as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses, their history and their differences. It means accepting their vision and their convictions.

In our business and in order to successfully carry out strategic projects, respect is a determining factor. It allows us to federate and to reach together objectives that none of us would be able to reach alone.

Respect allows us to say things, to assume, to propose, to take risks and to emerge stronger from difficulties. It makes us grow individually and collectively.

Along with Excellence and Entrepreneurship, respect is one of the salts of our profession. Without respect, there is no pleasure, no meaning to the action, no project that lasts.



Decarbonising the agri-food sector

20 Mar 2024

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