Sell a business (LBO, leveraged buyout)

Our Approach

We maximise value while minimising disruption, so you can focus on growth when disposing of an asset.

As part of your strategic portfolio management, you might consider divesting an entire company or carving out a part. We are here to support you from the start, and throughout the whole deal cycle, by developing the right strategy and deal model to fully optimise value.

We help you prepare all the necessary financial statements, optimise different tax structures, maintain a motivated workforce, and develop operational separation plans, so you can approach buyers in the best possible way, reduce uncertainty, and avoid disruptions to the day-to-day operations.

Our support

We support you throughout the deal, from the preparation of financial statements to closing the deal and establishing a plan to separate activities.


Our teams assist you upstream of the deal, helping you organise your teams, the presentation of your financial statements, and the start of the deal process.

Deal preparation

We apply our various areas of expertise in preparing due diligence reports, consulting with your teams, presenting the assets to potential investors, and defending your vision of the deal.

Deal execution

We assist you in reviewing and proofreading legal documentation, and shed light on the best financial and tax structuring for the deal.


In the event of a partial sale, we support you in implementing an operational separation of assets, and ensuring the smoothest possible transition.

How we help our clients

Sell Side Due Diligence

We provide support in the financial analysis and drafting of documents in order to optimise the sale of your company.

Agreed Upon Procedures

We formulate agreed-upon procedures reports to meet specific client needs.

Deal Financial Reporting & Structuring

Our Capital Markets & Financial Engineering Team supports you throughout your transaction process.

IPO & Fundraising

Our Capital Markets & Financial Engineering team supports you in all your IPO and capital raising projects.

Public M&A

Our Capital Markets & Financial Engineering team supports listed companies in their major transactions (acquisitions, disposals, takeovers, spin-off, etc.)

Labour restructuring

We act as a choice partner to prepare and support the implementation of a major reorganisation with significant or complex workforce restructuring.

Insolvency & Liquidation

Insolvency Services - We support our clients throughout their collective insolvency proceedings, helping them prepare and manage everything from insolvency notices and operating and cash flow forecasts to business, backup, recovery and disposal plans.

CFO Advisory

CFO Advisory Services – We support finance departments in the preparation and management of their transformation projects.


Eight Advisory teams support you every step of the way with our financial, tax, strategic, and operational expertise.

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