Our approach

Regardless of your carve-out’s objectives, legal structure and complexity, our experts help you maximize value and minimize disruption.

Carving-out a business unit or an asset comes with many challenges, including investigating strategic options, identifying the separation complexities, structuring the standalone perimeter, valuing the business and securing the operational separation.

We have practical experience of all these challenges from highly complex international projects, and help your management team overcome them.. Through a hands-on approach and thorough preparation, we help you get your teams onboard the project and proactively address prospective buyers’ questions and negotiation topics.

Our support

Our team of operational, financial, IT, tax and change management experts helps you anticipate and address all critical focus areas for a carve-out.

Carve-out structuring

We help you investigate all strategic options, confirm the deal rationale and define the right structure for your situation. We then assess your readiness and prepare the adequate exit plan, involving all the relevant functions.

Hands-on project management

We set up the right project management structure and mobilize the right resources to ensure milestones are reached smoothly. We accelerate project pace by providing you with proven, detailed toolkits for all project workstreams.

Target operating model

We design the Day 1 target operating model in detail, leveraging on our experience of similar situations. In particular, we can help you structure new standalone functions to ensure the separated business operates smoothly.

Standalone financials

We help you structure the financial information and assess in detail the financial impacts from the separation, using a multidisciplinary approach. We find solutions to both maximize upsides and minimize recurring and one-off costs.

Due diligence

We maximize deal value by helping you proactively address investors’ questions and negotiate with them. We can support you in the contractual documentation (SPA, Transitional Service Agreements…) to ensure all the necessary details are treated.

Business continuity

We keep business continuity as a priority throughout the process. To that end, we ensure that the relevant topics are identified and addressed, the right teams are onboarded and the right change management strategy is executed.

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