Why join us?

Eight Advisory is recognised throughout the industry for its teams’ expertise. It is a particularly dynamic, stimulating and challenging environment, particularly due to the strong growth of the firm ever since its creation.

The firm’s geographical expansion offers new career opportunities through a mobility programme, international assignments, and cross-office collaboration.

Throughout their career, all our employees are encouraged to take part in the firm’s development according to their own interests. This allows it to be an entrepreneurial adventure for everyone.

Training and knowledge transfer are part of our daily routine and our careers. From the moment they arrive, new employees are supported, on-boarded, trained and monitored by specific contacts, such as a Coach, a Mentor, a Partner, an On-boarding Team, and so on.

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Our ambition is to bring out the potential in everyone. For this reason, from the very first few days at the firm, Eight Advisory establishes a close support system for each employee.

Therefore, all employees benefit from regular, personalised guidance in developing their careers.

Work atmosphere

Our work atmosphere is a pillar of the company. The unity between employees and teams is one of the keys to our success. This is why Eight Advisory is committed to promoting the quality of work life.

A large number of events and activities are organised not only to foster team spirit, but also simply to allow people to come together, share, relax and have some fun! Whether you are a foodie, chess player or into sports, there is a place for you here at Eight Advisory.


Our secondment programme allows our employees to give a boost to their careers by discovering a new professional area of expertise, or another international team abroad.

It is a great opportunity to stimulate their professional development, and write a new chapter in their careers!


Eight Advisory is founded on values that are essential to its activity and that inspire each of us: excellence in each intervention, respect for each person as well as for commitments, and an entrepreneurial spirit, the very source of our firm's dynamism.

Diversity & CSR

We work to guarantee all of our employees and Partners a work environment that is free of discrimination.

At Eight Advisory, everyone has their place and their role to play within the firm.

Our recruitment process


Your CV caught the attention of our teams! We would encourage you to browse our website and talk to an employee to find out more about Eight Advisory while waiting for an interview.

Getting to know each other. The 1st interview is the first selective stage of the process. It is aimed at understanding your background, your motivations, and your expectations. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about our business, our corporate culture, and our values. Our advice: be yourself!

The first exchange was a success. Now, you’ll move on to the next step: the technical/situational interviews. Here, there are no trick questions. We are simply trying to get a better idea of your technical skills, your ability to reason in a certain situation, and your curiosity, as well as our ability to work and evolve together.

At the end of the process, you will meet a Partner of the firm. This is your opportunity to convince us of your ability to take an active part in the firm’s development!

Join the Eight Advisory team

Do you like to work independently, but love the idea of joining a highly qualified team with a human dimension? Join the Eight Advisory team for an intensely rewarding challenge! Do you like working independently, but love the idea of joining a small, highly qualified team with demanding clients?

We are continuously looking for qualified, motivated people to join our teams. Join us for a fast-paced career in an environment that is always exciting and filled with challenges! If you want to grow with us, and are motivated to give your all, you’ve come to the right place. We are continuously looking for qualified people to join our teams!

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