IPO, Fundraising

Our approach

Our Capital Markets & Financial Engineering Team supports you in carrying out your IPO and fundraising projects

For an IPO or fundraising, you need reliable, structured financial information for your company. Our team of experts will help you upscale your pitch and prepare your business plan, financial statements and communications, including the offering documentation, prospectus, international memorandum, analyst and investor presentations, roadshows, and Q&As with regulators, guiding you throughout the entire process, and in relations with other stakeholders, such as banks, legal advisors, and auditors.

Our support

To help you conduct a successful IPO or fundraising, our team of experts applies best market practices, bringing you both proven and tailored solutions.

IPO Readiness Assessment

By looking at financial statements, the business plan, internal control, governance, the legal structure and the organization of the finance team, our experts analyse the maturity of your company, comparing it to market expectations for IPOs on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and Euronext, and setting out a list of priorities, an action plan, and IPO timing.

Your Financial Information

Our team helps you prepare all the financial information and comms necessary for the operation, including financial statements (carve-out, combined, pro forma, GAAP conversion), financial prospectus sections, discussions and Q&As with the regulator (e.g. AMF, SEC), and roadshows and analyst presentations with potential investors.

Building your Business Plan

From contextual analysis through to strategy development, growth forecasts and financing needs, our team will help you structure your business plan to meet the expectations of the market.

Investor Presentations

Your company’s financial information must be presented to investors and analysts according to specific rules and market practices. Our team will help you prepare all the necessary materials and communication tools, such as analyst presentations, roadshows, Q&As, and more.

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