We resorted to Eight Advisory’s services on Financial Due Diligences with a view to the acquisition of California-based cosmetics manufacturer Arbonne, including its subsidiaries in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England. As the first cash-management focused job we had commissioned had been conclusive, we decided to challenge Eight Advisory in the transaction chapter of a comprehensive transatlantic deal. And right we were. The cooperation went smoothly, with outstanding responsiveness and robust expertise on Working Capital requirement matters, key to the transaction, shown by a team of qualified professionals. The coordination was steered masterfully from Eight Advisory’s Paris headquarters with hardly any need to travel across the water. Eight Advisory’s men and women proved very professional, easy-going, with a most commendable hands-on approach to business situations.

Laurent Delaurière / CFO, Groupe Rocher

GIFI has been a family-owned group of Group Rocher CFO companies since the onset. The growth of our business the last few years have seen has prompted us to strengthen the organization in a number of different ways: the management of our finance and of our cash. We had significantly gained experience and upgraded our practices with the GIFI and GPG staff, but we needed independent expert advice from outside the company to steer the rest of the course in our effort to restructure the company. The Eight Advisory Matrix was a very educational intellectual tool and gave the clearest picture of our practices and processes. Eight Advisory contributed innovative and hands-on suggestions which we followed up on shortly after.

François de Castelnau / Group CFO, Gifi

Eight Advisory assisted us on Accounting Due Diligence efforts related to strategic investment plans in the aircraft maintenance industry. We very much appreciated the firm’s responsiveness and their talent for grasping the fundamentals of our business and of what is at stake. The interaction we enjoyed throughout the job always proved as effective as it was enlightening. The high standards met in the assessment Eight Advisory put forth enabled us to take the soundest and wisest decision on each of the contemplated investments.

Stéphane Bomel / Deputy CFO, Dassault Aviation

Eight Advisory has been a first-circle partner of the Proxiserve Group ever since it was carved out of Veolia at the end of 2011. Eight Advisory was entrusted with Working Capital Requirements control job (speedier collection of receivables) and then with a Financial Vendor Due Diligence job at the time our equity was restructured for the first time in 2015. It felt most natural to commission the full Financial Vendor Due Diligence job when we initiated the plan to sell a majority share of the company’s equity. This stood as a most sensitive and strategic job, as worldclass investors were targeted, a rating would be given to the acquisition finance and the deal would involve syndication thereof on the London market. We very much appreciated the professionalism, the ability to deliver, the responsiveness and the hands-on approach of Eight Advisory’s men and women. But mostly, we wish to praise the team members’ for the social skills shown our teams and other advisors’ and the unwavering dedication of every single member to the project, from juniors all the way to the President of Eight Advisory.

Jean-Claude Cardonnel / CFO, Proxiserve

We chose to tap Eight Advisory’s talents to assist us in the selling of 51% of Elephant’s equity to Webedia. The job took just shy of a year to complete and in that time? Florence Khayat’s team showed responsiveness and professionalism throughout. Eight Advisory met the need for a partner worthy of that name in all the interaction and negotiations with the acquirer: they helped us construct the best and most convincing business offer. Their added value contribution stemmed from their understanding and knowledge of the media industry, specifically TV program production. That saved us considerable time. And I wish to emphasize that they were the absolute nicest people.

Laurence Thomas Dutour / Assistant General Manager, Groupe Elephant