Support for tender procedure (public entity)

  • Evaluation of the project/initial modeling exercises
  • Assistance with the drafting of bidding documentation
  • Analysis of the financial aspects of the candidates and rating of financial bids in accordance with the criteria set out in the Tender Regulations
  • Assistance for the Public Entity concerning the competitive dialogue (attending Q&A sessions, writing answers to questions)
  • Evaluation of the public sector/private sector risk balance

Support during the tender procedure (private consortium)

  • Preparation of the financial part of the bid
  • Drafting of financial clauses in contracts and a financial memory
  • Proofreading of all project documentation to ensure that the bid takes full account of tender document requests
  • Coordination of the due diligence phase (tax, accounting, auditing of the financial model, etc.) and participation in the Q&A sessions
  • Coordination of exchanges between the project’s various players during the development phase

Financial modeling and optimization of the financial structure

  • Definition of the financial model’s objectives and constraints
  • Creation of a customized financial model and implementation of scenarios for sensitivities
  • Review of the model’s hypotheses and outputs
  • Review of the funding hypotheses (maturity, rates, ratios, IRR, etc.)
  • Analysis and optimization of accounting and tax treatments and implementation in the financial model
  • Definition of rate/currency hedging strategies
  • Financial model training sessions

Support for raising funds

  • Analysis of financial statements of shareholders/partners in the project company
  • Drafting of the teaser and information memo for potential lenders
  • Assistance in finding investors and lenders (institutions, multilaterals)
  • Support with negotiations over the financial documentation

Business cases

Financial consultancy for a public entity

Proposal assistance for a private grouping in Africa