For businesses confronted with a (dis)stressed situation or underperforming businesses, we assess the current performance of your operations to identify where, how and to what extent value is deteriorated. Based on that analysis, we help you turn your business around by optimising processes.

We not only consider how you can cut costs, but what sort of business model would best revitalise your business (e.g. divestiture of non-core assets), backed up by an operational and financial turnaround plan. We are able to design in a short time a transformation plan based on a holistic view and focused on main areas for improvement.

Operational assessment

  • Assess contribution of each one of the corporate lines of business (product concept, client portfolio, distribution channel, …)
  • Compare corporate performance and going standards in the industry and « best in class » performance
  • Identify and analyse what in operations cause the company to underperform
  • Identify levers for improvement of operational and financial performance
  • Deliver costing data for the recovery strategy
  • Draft full assessment report and share views with the general management
  • Participate in strategic decision-making on which turnaround options to go for (decision trees)

Turnaround plan

  • Adopt an analytical approach: populating the profitability by product, client, region, distribution channel … and define key value creation levers
  • Prioritize value creation levers through a Value Matrix Approach
  • Define operational and financial turnaround plan due for implementation in the short run and in the medium run
  • Assess positive impact of plan (recurring impact on EBITDA and One-off cash)
  • Run simulations of business case scenarios and assess corresponding cash-flows
  • Produce full-fledged implementation charts (targets, action plan, people in charge, timeframe, financial impact, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), earmarked financial means…)

Assistance in the deployment of the operational plan

From “Operational Assistance” to dedicated “Chief Restructuring Office/Chief Transformation Office” depending on the level of support needed to reach the objective.

  • Ensure awareness raising and involvement of the entire organisation in the phasing of the turnaround plan (timesaving and success-guaranteeing measures)
  • Create and sit on steering committee of turnaround plan
  • Define reporting tools and methods to monitor implementation and assess positive impacts
  • Support operational teams on-ground to deliver savings projects on time
  • Prioritize and adapt operational plan to best fit to ongoing business situation while staying on initial objective
  • Set-up successful handover to operational teams in order to reach the right level of autonomy securing operational plan implementation continuity

Labour Restructuring Plan

Based on our experience, we strongly believe that considering legal and operational HR constraints is key to implement a turnaround plan. Our Turnaround plan focuses on the following HR aspects:

  • Assess and consolidate impacts on workforce: volume, impact of business continuity, workload impact, etc
  • Arbitrate between legal tools available and their constraints
  • Evaluate all costs and phase cash-out
  • Assess influence of the environment with a risk analysis perspective

Business cases

Turnaround – Hospitality

Operational Restructuring & Turnaround – Media & Internet

Turnaround – Printing

Operational restructuring – IT

TurnaroundEnvironment protection