IT Due Diligence

  • Analyze the IT strategy and organisation, infrastructure and security, business and workspace applications, licenses and contracts and projects portfolio
  • Perform IT financial analysis, past and projections ; assess the consistency between IT budgets and IT projects roadmap ; identify not reported/controlled IT costs

IT Carve-out

  • Report carve-out key issues related to shared services and estimate recurring costs and one-off costs separation impacts on EBITDA and Net Debt
  • Estimate potential synergies and/or dis-synergies
  • Set up a separation plan including TSA
  • Review contracts and provide assistance for renegotiation when required

IT Performance improvement

  • Analyze IT environment (organization, applications, infrastructure, etc.) and perform consistency check with business objectives and operational needs
  • Optimize the delivery and IT organization processes
  • Explore potential rationalization opportunities and estimate related cost-benefit

IT & Restructuring

  • Identify potential cost-cutting opportunities within the IT organization and set-up a cost optimization plan
  • Renegotiate IT Contracts where immediate and substantial gains can be made
  • IT organization rationalization

Business cases

IT & Transaction Services

IT Carve out

IT Transformation

IT & Restructuring