Cross review of the Cash Process

  • Snapshot of the existing organization for all areas impacting the company’s cash situation
  • Using Eight Advisory’s Matrix of 8Axes (Organization, Cash management tool, Operational funding, Circulation and centralization of cash, Clients, Suppliers, Bank relations and Market risks)
  • Identification of the structure’s level of efficiency
  • Learning-oriented presentation of our review based on “green, orange and red” signals
  • Implementation of the improvements identified alongside Management

Establishment of a Treasury Department, in the event of a carve-out or initiation of an LBO

  • Review of the old structure’s existing processes (treasury system, reporting, etc.)
  • Identification of the needs of the stand-alone structure (team, management tools, circulation of cash, etc.)
  • On the basis of ‘best practices’ acquired through our experiences, proposal for processes and tools to be introduced
  • Prioritization and implementation of responses to identified needs
  • Support for Management with operational implementation

Streamlining of bank flows

  • Review of the existing distribution of bank flows (banks, accounts, means of payment, etc.)
  • Identification of areas for improvement (means of payment, number of banks, actual use of bank accounts, etc.)
  • Support for Management with the implementation of improvements

Business cases

Establishment of a Treasury Department

Helping the Treasury Department to deal with pressure on the Group’s cash position