At Eight Advisory we are committed to nurturing an environment where gender diversity is valued, everyone is treated equally, and we’re able to work together in an inclusive way each day.

The strength of Eight Advisory lies in the individual differences of our employees. We recognize them as opportunities.

Florence Khayat
Alexis Karklins Marchay
Deputy Managing Partner
Gender Diversity Sponsors

We value the different perspectives and backgrounds of our people, since varying points of view enrich decision-making, drive innovation, mirror our client base and allow us to build long-lasting relationships and drive excellence.

We want to recognize and leverage the individual talents of each of our employees, so they are inspired to give their best and each team member can thrive.

Our company, including its leadership, is committed to promoting gender diversity, building a sustainable and diverse global workforce, with the support of equitable processes, and in an inclusive environment.

Some recent initiatives taken include:


Gender stereotypes: not guilty but responsible
by Patrick Scharnitzky, psycho-sociologist

International women’s Day 2021

How will Eight Advisory #Choosetochallenge in 2021?
On 8 March 2021, our employees, across our different offices, took a pledge to challenge gender inequalities on the work floor.
This event was an important opportunity to create commitment across our organization.

Workplace gender equality index : 98%