Eight Advisory announces strategic partnership with Elettricità Futura to drive the energy transition in Italy

Eight Advisory announces strategic partnership with Elettricità Futura to drive the energy transition in Italy

Eight Advisory is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Elettricità Futura, the leading association representing over 70% of the Italian electricity market.

The collaboration with Elettricità Futura is an important milestone in Eight Advisory’s expansion strategy in Italy and underlines the company’s commitment to support the energy transition in Italy.


Elettricità Futura plays a central role in supporting the development of the Italian electricity sector towards energy transition – an essential way to revitalise the industrial supply chain and promote economic growth and employment opportunities. Italy, the third largest market for electricity consumption, offers immense potential for Eight Advisory’s services and solutions.


This partnership is a natural fit for Eight Advisory due to several factors. The geographical proximity enhances the company’s ability to provide timely and personalised support to clients in Italy. In addition, Eight Advisory’s team has Italian staff with extensive experience in the sector, ensuring that the firm understands and fulfils the specific needs of the market.


Commenting on the partnership, Christian Berling, Transaction Services Partner and Head of Sectors at Eight Advisory, said:


“Joining forces with Elettricità Futura fits perfectly with our mission to navigate the complexities of the Italian energy market and provide unrivalled support to our clients. This collaboration not only allows us to be at the forefront of market changes, but also facilitates close interaction with key stakeholders, ultimately fostering innovation and sustainability in the industry.”


Florian Revellat, Strategy & Operations Partner, expert in Infrastructure and Energy sector, said:


“Through this partnership, we aim to leverage our expertise and resources to support Elettricità Futura’s goals of improving Italy’s energy security, independence, sustainability and competitiveness. By working hand in hand with the association and its members, Eight Advisory can make an important contribution to the energy transition in Italy.”




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