Breakfast@8 – Ranked battles over delay analysis methods

23 Jan 2024


Breakfast@8 – Ranked battles over delay analysis methods

23 Jan 2024


Eight Advisory organises a series of breakfasts on causal links in construction arbitration

For this second edition Vincent Lefeuvre, Construction Expert Witness, Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution at Eight Advisory will be speaking on the following topic:

Ranked battles over delay analysis methods. Why do experts’ results differ?


Temporal effects in the proof of causality. Review of the AACE and SCL protocols.

– Reminder of key concepts covered in Topic 1: project closure process and causal chain.

– Planning: concepts, strengths and weaknesses. Comparison with the operational process.

– The concept of delay.

– The different methods of delay analysis used by experts. Who proves what?

– Analysis by time windows. Effect of the discretization of time variables in delay analysis methods.


Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Welcome from 8.30am






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