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Eight Advisory and Ardian launch the “Booster Fund” in cooperation with the association Force Femme

29 Mar 2023

Corporate News

Eight Advisory and Ardian launch the “Booster Fund” in cooperation with the association Force Femme

Eight Advisory, in partnership with Private equity firm Ardian, has announced the launch of the fund, "BOOSTER FUND", for women entrepreneurs as part of the Booster Program, a support program for women entrepreneurs over 45.

This innovative initiative aims to promote female entrepreneurship in France by providing funding and individual support to women entrepreneurs.


The Force Femmes Booster program aims to support exclusively women over 45 who have started their own business and want to consolidate their project by asserting themselves as entrepreneurs, working on their leadership and persuasion potential, but also assessing entrepreneurial risk.


In addition to funding, the women entrepreneurs receive free personalised support from multidisciplinary experts who help them improve their entrepreneurial skills. This includes group workshops to analyse their operations, learning about management tools, customised coaching, individual conversations, and meetings. The program combines intergenerational learning, expert advice, and application of the principles taught. This free 100-day program with ten days of face-to-face training in Paris also enables women entrepreneurs to boost their self-confidence.