Eight Advisory introduces a new visual identity that reflects its truly international character

Eight Advisory introduces a new visual identity that reflects its truly international character

Eight Advisory, the fastest growing independent European advisory firm specialising in transactions, restructuring and transformation, is pleased to announce that it has launched a new visual identity that reflects the truly pan-European nature of the firm and underscores the next phase of its international growth. The company's plans call for doubling its offerings and size by 2025. It also plans to expand beyond Europe.

Eight Advisory’s former visual identity was designed in 2009, when eight professionals previously with large global consulting firms made the decision to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with the goal of creating a benchmark player in financial and operational consulting, free of conflicts of interest, fully committed to its clients, and offering a pragmatic approach across a broad spectrum of services. Since then, the company has experienced extremely rapid growth, both in terms of offering, number of employees and geographical expansion.

Pascal Raidron, Chairman of the Eight Advisory Group commented on the company’s growth:

It has been 14 years since we launched Eight Advisory. You might argue whether that’s an impressive legacy, but in just a few years we have managed to build something remarkable: a company of more than 720 trusted international experts with the same pragmatic entrepreneurial DNA and work ethic, working together as one team regardless of their location. We are no longer a local French consulting firm, but a truly pan-European consulting firm with global ambitions.

As a result of this transformation, the company’s brand identity no longer reflected what the Group represents today as an international financial, operational and strategic advisor, nor the growth plans it is pursuing.

Eric Demuyt, Managing Partner of the Eight Advisory Group, said:

Our rebranding goes beyond a creative exercise to update the logo. We have reached a point where the Eight Advisory signature is an internationally recognisable symbol of quality. Strengthened by the trust of our business partners, we intend to not only double our offering and size over the next two years, but also expand our network by opening new offices in Europe and North America, as our clients expect us to do.

Eight Advisory’s new brand identity builds on the company’s already strong brand positioning. It aims to reinforce its image as a world-class advisor that provides the highest level of service to its clients.

Tom de Troyer, Partner at Eight Advisory, supervising the marketing and communications practice of the group on the global level, commented on the change:

We decided to rebrand because we noticed a significant discrepancy between what we are and what we look like. This task has been a really exciting journey for our European marketing team. The process itself has confirmed that our core values: entrepreneurship, excellence and respect, expressed in the new identity, remain strong for everyone, which is natural when you really ‘practise what you preach’.

Eight Advisory’s rebranding includes an updated logo, new fonts, a new colour palette and a new approach to visuals and photography. The territory of the new Eight Advisory brand was designed to emphasise the company’s values and work ethic, and is embodied by three stylistic pillars that form the foundation of the brand’s visual expression:

  • Discretion and meticulousness, demonstrating the seriousness and excellence of the company’s expertise,
  • Modesty and humanity, which express the firm’s care for the interests of clients that goes beyond written agreements,
  • Simplicity and effectiveness, which express the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving approach.

The duality of the colours midnight blue and white symbolises the world of financial specialists and clients, who are seamlessly connected and mutually reinforcing through the symbol of the 8. The colour midnight blue also lends itself to various effects and gradations that provide real depth, nuance and humanity. The new logo, in turn, is a balance between a confident, legible, reassuring corporate typeface and a symbol full of boldness, subtlety and creativity. The curves give the brand humanity and modesty, while the subtlety and precision of the lines demonstrate the excellence of the company and its ability to refine themes to the extreme.

Tom de Troyer, adds:

Our goal was to create a unique, disruptive, intriguing, almost mystical symbol that would suggest that our expertise is unique and unrivalled. The dot we used in it symbolises the idea of a goal to be achieved, our open-mindedness, an inclusive dimension and the ability to facilitate the cohesion of future employees and customers. I am really pleased that we have succeeded in giving a visual representation of who we are.





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