3 Nov 2022


3 Nov 2022

The FINANCIAL EXPERTISE & DISPUTE RESOLUTION practice pursues its expansion and launches a new service.

The Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution practice of Eight Advisory, the financial, operational and strategic consulting firm, pursues its expansion and launches a new service: Delay Expert.

The Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution practice, founded in 2011 and headed by Céline Leroy, whose focus areas are dispute resolution, financial expertise and arbitration, is pursuing its expansion with the launch of a Delay Expert service. This practice now has some 15 team members and has experienced 82% growth.

This initiative, instigated by Céline Leroy, will be led by Vincent Lefeuvre, Director, Eight Advisory, a delay expert, who joins from FTI Consulting. With proven experience in project delay analysis, risk analysis, technical performance analysis and economic damage quantification in international arbitrage cases, Vincent Lefeuvre is a recognized authority in international arbitrage, notably in Europe and Brazil.

Céline Leroy, partner and head of the Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution practice, says:

“The implementation of this new service within our practice is consistent with our strategy to provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of financial and operational expertise to assist in the resolution of disputes and claims. Delay Expertise will allow us to complete the spectrum of our services so that we can cover all of our clients’ needs in terms of analyzing the repercussions of disputes in the management of “Major Projects” in infrastructure, construction, transport, etc. It brings real added value.”

This new service enables the practice to provide a fully comprehensive offering, in particular in international arbitrations, from the outset of a dispute between the Parties in the framework of the performance of a contract and up to final arbitration if no resolution has been found. In effect, delay expertise brings a complementary perspective to disputes by focusing on an analysis linked to delays and to technical aspects. This allows us to identify the root of the problem and to assign liability in order to provide senior management with an independent analysis and quantification of the resulting damage.

« This new and complementary service is vital for our clients and, with the arrival of Vincent, a recognized expert in delay analysis in international arbitration cases, provides Eight Advisory with high-quality capabilities in Delay Expert and further broadens its Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution offering,” says Eric Demuyt, Managing Director of Eight Advisory.

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