Construction and review of business plan/financing plan

  • Identification of KPIs specific to activities studied
  • Determination of historical and projected trends during the years of the BP
  • Analysis of the activity’s seasonality
  • Detailed analysis of the action plans/restructuring measures: timing and budget
  • Cash flow projection based on the operating, investing and financing hypotheses selected

Assistance with the restructuring plan in out-of-court or judicial contexts

On the basis of the above (review of business plan and financing plan):

  • Definition of sensitivities concerning the funding hypotheses selected
  • Analysis of scenarios based on the selected cases: takeover, refinancing, asset sales, debt restructuring, conversion of debt to equity, etc.
  • Creation of financial documentation in support of agreements reached: conciliation protocol, safeguard, recovery, disposal plan

Studies concerning opportunities for acquisitions of targets which are ailing, in bonis or subject to a disposal plan

  • Acquisition due diligence in time of crisis
  • Detailed work on net debt adjustments, including factoring in of delays, moratoria, and bank authorization overruns
  • Determination of the total cash requirement related to takeover (acquisition price + financing of turnaround)
  • Assistance with project documentation for presentation to the various stakeholders: creditors, court, ad hoc representative, judicial administrator, liquidator, works council, CCSF (financial sector advisory committee), CIRI (interministerial committee on industrial restructuring, etc.)

Assistance with raising new funds

  • Preparation of financial elements supporting the search for new funding
  • In the event of a group spin-off, work on substitution of the group’s financing by bank financing
  • Making functions previously performed by the group stand alone with operational and cash flow consultancy teams

Assistance with the reorganization of activities (disposal, spin-offs, cessation of trading)

  • Vendor assistance for the disposal of non-core activities
  • Determination of funding requirements related to restructuring and turnaround
  • If necessary, assistance with the drafting of the economic note of a PSE (employment protection plan)
  • Preparation of Q&A with prospective buyers/employee representative bodies
  • If necessary, assistance with negotiations on the price (positive or negative)

Crisis management assistance for companies

  • In periods of disposal or bankruptcy proceedings, assisting companies with managing the production of the regulatory documents/information required

Management of accounting and cash flow in the short term

  • In the event of the collapse of the business or it being placed in voluntary or compulsory liquidation, assistance to corporate officers in keeping the accounts and controlling the cash flow
  • With the Eight Advisory & Associés company, preparation of certificates for the courts (sales, liabilities, etc.)

Business cases

Financial restructuring of a retail group

Safeguarding a group on the leisure sector

Assistance to a petrochemical company for its court appointed receivership and seeking buyers