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Michel Zarka


Doctor of Mathematics, Specialisation in Game Theory, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)
Language: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese spoken and written

2020: Partner, Eight Advisory
2012-2020: Founding Partner and CEO, Theano Advisors
2009 – 2020 : Member of the Board, CEPS (Centre d’étude et de prospective stratégique)
2016 – 2020 : Co-founder and President, Nelson A.I
2014 – 2020: President of the Shareholders’ Committee, WISTIKI
2011 – 2016: Board member, Unafam
2007 – 2011: CEO France and in charge of the organisation and transformation of the WW practice, Oliver Wyman Delta
1988 – 2002: Founder and Managing Director, CMC (Conduite et Management du Changement)
1983 – 1988: Deputy General Manager Intallmet, Pechiney

Functional capabilities : Strategy ( Portofolio management, Business model); Organization ( Structure, Leadership, management Model, Ways of Working); Disruption/Innovation, Offer and Experience development
Industry capabilities : Aeronautics, Defense and Space, Tech, Automotive, Services B2B, Retail

Advisor to Boards and Excom of large Corporations
CEO and C-suite Agenda
Large Scale Transformation ( Turnaround, Post Merger, Change of Business Model, Simplification , Massive Digital Switch,Lean Organization(Delayering, Local/Global, Empowerment, Collaborative ways of working))