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Frédéric Blache

Transformation – Data & Digital

2017: Chartered accountant
2006: Master of Sciences, Kedge Business School
Language: French, English, Italian

2019: Join Eight Advisory as Partner
2017-2019: Ernst & Young – Lead Data, Digital & automation for FAAS France (promoted as Associate Partner in 2018)
2006-2017: Performance improvement including significant data & digital pillars, Transaction Services, back on track plans, Audit of complex clients with innovative data analytics approaches
2004-2005: Crouzet Automatismes Shanghai (Schneider Electric), structuring the operations in China

Industry, luxury goods, Defence, Energy, automotive, consumer goods, construction contracts

– « Analytics translator », bridging operational, strategic and financial expertise with technical capabilities
– « Better decision with data », data analytics & visualization in support of performance improvement, operational monitoring and controlling
– Data analytics as a pillar of Value Creation Plan
– Project management in highly complex environments
– Automation (RPA, data tools …)
– Change management

– Re-building the corrupt profitability of a retail network (5 activities, 300 shops and 2.200 groups of SKUs) based on transactional data. Critical review of key assumptions supporting the business plan.
– Securing web business using transactional data, automation and internalization by the client. Foundations for a loss prevention dashboard.
– Assessment of the “purchase to pay” and “supply chain” based of transactional data. Improvement plans using a dedicated data cube. Associated change management.
– Operational monitoring of shops based on receipts.