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Technology at the service of the digital transformation of your company

Digital Strategy

Beyond the buzzword and the easiness of setting great ambitions, each company needs to find its own path in the tech jungle and abundance of priorities. The materialization of relevant digital assets, on due time, is a real obstacle course.


Technology at the service of the digital transformation of your company

Technology at the service of the digital transformation of your company

Data & Digital Assets

To rally data-sharing and differentiating assets, Eight Advisory offers a wide range of services and spot analytics.


As part of the digital transformation of companies, we firmly believe that technology is a source of innovation to meet the demands of tomorrow’s world.

We support you in the operational implementation of your digital strategy, through actions such as defining a digital roadmap, optimizing your portfolio of projects, supporting you in choosing the right solutions, defining an e-commerce strategy, framing strategic digital projects, and so on.

Our Support

We put our technological, data and digital expertise to work on your digital transformation issues. Our strong financial DNA also allows us to make precise estimates of the investments and recurring costs of digital projects.

Digital strategy

We help you align your technological environment with your organization’s global strategy. We help you set up and manage your digital transformation plan across all of your information systems and their parts.

Project portfolio optimization

We help you streamline your digital projects by analysing investments, recurring costs and expected benefits of each initiative, taking into account the Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Support in choosing the right solutions

To help you find the best solutions, we identify all your business and technological needs, write specifications, analyse offers, and animate evaluation panels. Finally, we recommend the tools best suited to the digital challenges of your company, such as CRM, e-commerce, finance, etc.

Deployment support

We support your digital transformation by framing your strategic digital projects from a wide range of perspectives, including project scope, planning, and stakeholder engagement. We also guarantee the governance of your projects during their first months of implementation, managing risks, arbitration claims and exchanges between publishers and integrators.

Our Team


Jean-Christophe Fuzzati


Technology Transformation