Once upon a time in 2009…

Men and women, previously with Arthur Andersen or Big Four firms, decided to create a new consultancy player specialized in Transaction, RestructuringTransformation and Financial Engineering.

All boast advanced expertise and proven experience in their field, they all share the same vision of their business and its prospects, and they all adhere to the same values of rigor with a human touch in lending support to clients while constantly raising the bar. All are convinced that an independent player, free of conflicts of interest, fully committed to its clients and offering a new approach, will generate greater added value.

To serve an increasingly demanding market, the project is unquestionably ambitious. In short, the partners aim to create the benchmark player in financial and operations consulting.

The group of eight founding partners (Pascal Raidron, Eric Demuyt, Cédric Colaert, Justin Welstead, Vincent Blot, Lionnel Gérard, Stéphane Vanbergue, Katia Wagner) was therefore rapidly strengthened and has now grown to 76 partners and over 650 employees.

The service offering has been consolidated with the arrival as partners of Alexis Karklins-Marchay for Evaluation, Celine Leroy for Financial Expertise & Dispute Resolution  and Stanislas Grange, Stéphane Nénez and Bruno Gonnet for Transformation.

True to their desire to pass on and share leadership, the founding partners then promoted as partners Khayat Florence and Christian Berling in Transaction and Xavier Mesguich, Sari Maalouf and Xavier Bailly in Restructuring.

The Eight Advisory adventure continued, assuming an international dimension in 2011 with the gradual development of a network of fifteen partner firms in Europe, North America and the BRIC countries comprising 2,300 employees. More than half of the transactions which Eight Advisory advises now have an international component.

The brand is gradually becoming a benchmark player through its support for major operations across all of its markets. As early as 2011, Eight Advisory was ranked by the specialized press as the French market leader for Restructuring and Transaction.

The adventure continues… To always provide an appropriate response to our clients’ challenges, Eight Advisory developed new services in 2013 with the recruitment of dedicated teams in Project Finance and Real Estate, and particularly the arrival of Philippe Mejean.