Eight Advisory’s teams have always endeavoured to develop a close relationship with their local communities and the associations.

In 2018, we continued our sponsorship programmes focussed on developing and advancing youth skills and entrepreneurship.

Our men and women have devoted their time and energy, sharing experience and offering their expertise.

Our partner organisations continue to demonstrate progress, delivering coaching and mentoring to start up businessmen.

As a team, we are proud of the work we do to help the communities at large and hope to do so in the future.


L’Institut de l’Engagement singles out young people who show exceptional potential over a probationary period and mentors them into acquiring a skill by taking a course, finding a job or starting their own business, whatever their family background and social class, their schooling, or the place they may hail from.

Not unlike us, our partners generously offer their time, their skill, their network with a view to helping those young people overcome social and financial predicaments, disability and family-related impediments. We provide them with the means to give themselves a future that will up to their exceptional potential.

The partnership with Eight Advisory has afforded us the attention of experts more than qualified to analyse, challenge and cross-check information on which we base the assessment of our own effectiveness in our projects.

Thanks to Eight Advisory, our partners trust us to submit numbers that truly reflect our performance (as a matter of fact, our performance is outstanding) and our practices to live up the principles and values we uphold.

Over and beyond the expertise, we felt privileged to have Eight Advisory’s people by our side, involving themselves in helping, advising and mentoring our graduates in their projects. They even went as far as waging an epic fight on the indoor soccer pitch. The time and the fun shared on such occasions between the graduates and the partners of l’Institut de l’Engagement are of course priceless.

The shared values and the willingness to offer highlevel skills and experience underly Eight Advisory’s partnership with l’Institut and make it a much-valued asset of the Institut’s.

General Manager
L’institut de l’Engagement

The Ardian Foundation endeavours to enable young people from age 6 to age 25 to progress in life by learning how to plan for their future, complete their studies and find positions in the corporate world. The Foundation operates a fund extended to partner organizations (including Sport dans la Ville, Agir pour l’École…) and offers Mentoring carried out by the Foundation’s staff workers.

Two years ago, the Foundation opted to operate a different lever and foster entrepreneurship by helping jobless people to create their own business. The Ardian Lab program includes customized coaching of the would-be entrepreneurs and what financial backing is deemed necessary to complete their business plan and actually start their business.

Eight Advisory rapidly grew into a key partner organization in this program. Over and beyond topnotch technical expertise, Eight Advisory’s team have shown maximum responsiveness, unwavering commitment and remarkable talent for developing trust-driven relationships with those entrepreneurs.

A player in the world of multinational corporations, Eight Advisory has smoothly adjusted to issues faced by young start-uppers in tough neighbourhoods and spent just as much energy and shown just as much dedication in this new environment.Thank you so very much to Eight Advisory.

We very much rely on your help for the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Ardian Foundation

By organising the development of sport centres and the operation thereof, Sport dans la Ville enables social integration and lays the foundation for 6,500 youngsters to find career opportunities. With a view to offering equal opportunities, the association develops programs tailored to coach and mentor youngsters into acquiring skills or jobs or starting their own businesses.

Eight Advisory has been supporting us for many years. Its delegates graced the association 20th Anniversary Gala, together with partners, youngsters and the association’s member families. Eight Advisory’s consultants invest a great deal of time together with the management of Sport dans la Ville to train youngsters, grow their computer skills and their project management skills.

We proud of being worthy of Eight Advisory’s staunch and enduring support. That support is instrumental in providing young people in ever growing numbers to live up to their potential, to make the right choice of careers and to make their professional lives successes.

Deputy General Manager
Sport dans la Ville