The Eight Advisory teams are constantly at the service of our clients but we are also open to the world surrounding us.

When Eight Advisory started, one-off events were organised with carefully targeted partners (Toiles enchantées, Les Avions du bonheur, Cuisine, Mode d’emploi).

Next, we decided to strengthen our presence alongside the not-for-profit sector and structure this as part of an approach accentuating our ambition to contribute to society as a whole.

We became involved with not-for-profits dedicated to young people, the protection of the environment and entrepreneurialism, through the donation and transfer of practical skills.

Our employees continue to give their energy, time, experience and multifaceted expertise for the benefit of our partners.

Together we have accompanied our not-for-profit partners in areas as varied as optimisation of their internal processes, coaching of their employees, support for business creators etc.

We continue to see these actions as part of our role as a stakeholder in French society.
The Eight Advisory teams will continue to engage in these areas.

Stéphane Nénez – Partner and Corporate Citizenship sponsorsStéphane Nénez – Partner and Corporate Citizenship sponsors


In what has been a chaotic year, Eight Advisory continued to support the Institut de l’Engagement in 2020 and helped it strengthen its support to award winners who had been made vulnerable by the crisis. Eight Advisory teams opened doors for them to help them discover a sector and professions, listened to them and advised them, gave them confidence and supported them in their projects. The crisis we are going through has shown and is still showing the need for engagement as well as what such commitment can achieve. It is invaluable for the institute and its award winners to be able to draw on support from teams who share this belief and these values.

Claire de Mazancourt – Institut de l’Engagement – General Manager

Sport dans la Ville holds up sporting values to promote equal opportunities and to support young people from priority neighbourhoods on their way to success. Thanks to the creation and management of sports centres in the heart of neighbourhoods, as well as the implementation of dedicated programs, Sport dans la Ville promotes the social and professional integration of its membership of 7,000 young people. Sport dans la Ville is pleased to count on Eight Advisory to support young people in their education, their access to employment and their business creation projects.

Quentin Moreno – Sport dans la Ville – Deputy General Manager

In these uncertain times, financial management is more important than ever for entrepreneurs. In this context, the support of Eight Advisory teams for our start-up founders is particularly valuable in ensuring the sustainability of their companies and reinforcing our job support project.

Maxime de Couëssin / Ludovic Girodon – Réseau Entreprendre

The Ardian Foundation launched the 3,2,1 project in 2017 with the aim of supporting unemployed entrepreneurs to set up businesses. Eight Advisory is a key partner organisation for this program. Above and beyond their expertise and responsiveness, the Eight Advisory teams stand out for the quality of their people-centred support and the understanding of the issues / challenges encountered by these entrepreneurs. Many thanks to the entire Eight Advisory team!

Yann Bak – Ardian – Managing Director

In February 2017, 15 students from the Maisons des Jeunes Talents organization visited Eight Advisory headquarters (right next to their homes) and took a course in job-interviewing taught by an Eight Advisory consultant. The consultant shared their experience on specific cases of job-interviews, set up role play exercises, and taught attendees how to best set the tone of voice and body language to adjust to social and behavioral standards, in other words: how to sway the jury. A highlight of the tests students must pass to gain admission into one of the famed French Grandes Ecoles (i.e. Business schools), the personality interview is dreaded by all the prep school students we mentor, who are usually very unfamiliar with the Grandes Ecoles populations and the corporate world at large. Lisa, who hails from Argenteuil shares with us the following: " The course was the greatest! Now I know how to make a difference on D Day!".

Laura Muselle – Maisons des Jeunes Talents – Coordinator of the association

The voluntary sector supporting social projects is currently caught between the need to develop its activities and the economic fragility associated with the diminishing availability of public financing. AFEV, the leading network seeking to get young people involved in local issues, continually strives to improve its organisation to optimise its operations. The support of Eight Advisory in enhancing our cash management is an integral part of this approach. They offered us the tools and framework for setting a new course, enabling us to continue to grow our social project.

Christophe Paris – AFEV – Managing Director

The implementation by Eight Advisory of a support programme covering the issue of cash management provides our entrepreneurs with an effective operational tool! It is unacceptable to see growing companies go under due to the lack of an internal cash management system. We can now offer coaching sessions designed to introduce our entrepreneurs to the cash culture by providing them with the management tools that they need. Another big thank you to Eight Advisory on their behalf!

Clara Gaymard / Gonzague de Blignière – Raise France – Co-founders

The problems of insecurity among young people continue to grow. It must be recognised that the public sector alone will be unable to find a solution. Civil society possesses the necessary financial resources and expertise, and must be mobilised. To enable voluntary associations to benefit from these strengths by acting as a catalyst is the reason behind the creation of the AlphaOmega Foundation. In order to help “AFEV” structure its development, we called on Eight Advisory for a cash management assignment. The pro bono involvement of its personnel and the effectiveness of their work deserve our sincere thanks and we look forward to Eight Advisory accepting subsequent assignments!

Martine Clavel – AlphaOmega – CEO

The Eight Advisory team helped us to improve our cash management, which is an essential part of managing our association.
In this capacity, we had the opportunity to experience Eight Advisory’s altruistic approach first hand.
Their pragmatic and operational approach first enabled us to identify improvement areas, and to then implement them.

Stéphane Fremont – Action Contre la Faim – Administrative and Financial Director

Everything that youd id was extremely useful and enabled us to advance in the development of our start-up company. We are very grateful to you for this selfless assistance which reflects your willingness to transmit knowledge and resources to young entrepreneurs.
We would like to give you our most sincere thanks for listening, for you availability and for the time you devoted to us.

Maxime Alay-Eddine – Réseau Entreprendre / Cyberwatch – Founder Cyberwatch

In October 2015, six students from the Maisons des Jeunes Talents went into the neighbouring offices of Eight Advisory to receive training on “conducting meetings with prominent figures”, a very important test among the top competing business management schools.
The goal ? To enable our young women to go through an oral interview in conditions that are as close as possible to what awaits them on “D-Day”, facing a jury of professionals (which included two Eight Advisory employees) at unknown yet imposing locations.
Although they were intimated at first, the students really enjoyed this experience, explaining that the members of the jury were able to put them at ease and gave them great advice.
This is real opportunity for these students, who come from socio-cultural background that are far-removed from that of preparatory schools, prestigious schools and the business world, to exchange with professionals who “have been there” and embody a future that makes them dream!

Alix Bouwyn – Maisons des Jeunes Talents – Deputy Directof of the Fondation Financière de l’Échiquier