We love our job

Our varied and complementary business lines described below enable employees to benefit from cross-cutting career development.

Transaction Services

We support our clients during their acquisition, disposal and refinancing projects. The analyses we perform require understanding of the historical performance, cash generation and the hypotheses used in Business Plans. Our work is consistently tailored to the needs of our clients and aims to assist them in their decision making.


We work with underperforming businesses exposed to cash flow problems of varying degrees of severity, undergoing an amicable settlement or bankruptcy proceedings. We diagnose the origins of a cash crisis and propose emergency measures to safeguard the cash position. We establish different scenarios to resolve the problem and review or produce operating and cash flow forecasts. Finally, we facilitate discussions between companies, shareholders, creditors and potential investors, so as to prepare the terms for financial restructuring.


We go beyond the financial diagnosis which we perform within the transaction or restructuring framework by helping companies to improve their performance and their organization. For instance, we work on carve-outs, estimation of synergies in mergers, preparation of companies acquired for integration, definition of the turnaround plan and set-up of reporting. We also work on optimizing the working capital requirement or the company’s cash position, by identifying both the “quick wins” and the measures ensuring sustainable improvement in companies’ cash flows. Our recommendations are operational in nature and underpinned by an experienced team with mixed business/consulting profiles.


We help business leaders and shareholders in their decision-making on issues concerning evaluation and financial modeling. Our input occurs within various contexts (transaction, restructuring, accounting and tax needs) and caters to companies of varying sizes on a broad range of sectors. We also help business leaders to formalize their strategies and prepare their business plans.


We support our clients on sensitive issues relating to litigation or financial investigation.
The analyses we perform require a strong grasp of the technical and operational aspects of the situation as well as a keen understanding of the key challenges in order to come up with precise and documented quantification of the situation’s financial consequences.
We work closely with the legal departments of corporations and business lawyers and in continuous interaction with the operating and/or financial divisions of our clients.
We intervene during internal meetings with the client or external parties (expert appraisals, negotiations, etc.). We continue to support our clients in the phases following submission of our report.
Our work is precise and didactic in a bid to enlighten stakeholders and the adjudicator (judge, arbitrator, etc.) as well as to convince them of our case.

Project finance

We support our clients throughout all cycles of an infrastructure project, the call-for-tenders phase and aspects relating to modeling and seeking financing, transaction support and structuring of investment vehicles. Our goal is to provide our client with clear, simple and dedicated tools for each of their projects, so as to maximize the chances of success.

Real estate

We support our clients throughout the process of acquisition or sale of their real estate assets (shopping malls, hotels, offices, car parks, etc.) through project feasibility studies and financial due diligence in order to alert them to the potential risks of the operation and to secure the transaction price. Furthermore, we help developers model their business plan in order to optimize the operation’s financing scheme and secure project performance using detailed sensitivity analyses covering key aspects of the project.

A clearly mapped-out career path

  • Although every employee is different, they all benefit from a legible career path with grades which correspond to the stages of advancement in technical knowledge and professional maturity.
  • At each grade, with each assignment and thanks to continuous training, the employee develops the technical expertise and qualities necessary for personal and professional growth.
  • During their first few years at Eight Advisory, they participate in assignments covering all service lines if they so wish. To guide them in their choices, they are accompanied by a mentor from the moment they join the company.

The opportunity to work on varied projects

  • During their years as an analyst and senior, employees are involved in projects which encompass the entire service offering. Specialization occurs at the grade of manager or even before if the employee so wishes.
  • Internal mobility is encouraged, and the diversity of career paths can favor the adaptability of each individual in different contexts.

High exposure and accountability

  • From the early years of professional experience at Eight Advisory, employees are exposed to the most complex and interesting cases.
    A maximum of team members participate in working meetings, Q&As, presentations of reports, meetings to discuss financing, hearings before the Commercial Court, etc. This gives our employees a chance to meet and work with top practitioners in related professions.
  • Each bears full and entire responsibility for their work in keeping with the requirement for quality and commitment which has become our trademark.

Continual training

  • Training is offered to new employees when they first join the company in order to facilitate their integration into teams.
  • New employees are each assigned a coach, with whom they will work on their first assignments.
  • The assignments are supervised by experienced staff that are involved in the day-to-day training of teams.
  • Depending on their grade, Eight Advisory offers its employees training on financial, accounting, analytical and sector-based issues specific to our service offering (evaluation, transformation, cash flow, etc.) or related to the experience gained on the various assignments.

Mentoring from the outset

  • Each newcomer is assigned a mentor upon their arrival.
  • The mentor supports the new team member along their career path. At regular meetings, they discuss their performance, areas for improvement and desires for career development.
  • Every new employee benefits from a coaching program with a more experienced colleague who accompanies them during the first few months of assignments in order to facilitate the transition to their new profession.

Be at the heart of the transactions, restructuring and transformations which make the business headlines

Our teams work on Transaction, Restructuring and Transformation projects involving the biggest French and international companies.

By joining us you will be in the front line of events which are grabbing the business headlines.

Flourish within a united team

As a young company, Eight Advisory attaches particular importance to the development of its talents. We are keen to unite our teams and maintain strong ties with former employees.

Promotion of initiative to serve the firm’s development

Within our Group, you will never be just a number on a list!

Initiative is encouraged and rewarded. It can take the most diverse forms depending on individual profiles: technical and sales development, recruitment, forums, but also leadership of sports and humanitarian projects, etc.