Eight Advisory was mandated by Dalkia for the sale of Dalkia Wastenergy

30 March 2021

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As part of the acquisition of Dalkia Wastenergy (ex-Tiru) by Paprec, the teams of Eight Advisory and Eight Advisory Avocats carried out the financial and tax vendor due diligence as well as the Proforma and carve-out accounts.

Prapec is a French company specialized in the collection and recycling of industrial and household waste. Founded in 1994, it is the leader in France, with 10,000 employees spread over more than 200 sites in France and Switzerland. The group treats more than 12,000,000 tons of waste per year for a turnover approaching 1.5 billion euros.

Dalkia Wasternergy is a company specialized in the transformation of waste into materials and energy. The company employs 800 people and generates 187 M€ of revenues.

The Eight Advisory team that carried out the financial due diligence was composed of Christian Berling, Sébastien Smercan and Guillaume Leullier.

The Eight Advisory team that performed the Proforma – carve-out accounts was led by Myriam Montillot.

The Eight Advisory team that performed the operational carve-out was composed of Nicolas Cohen-Solal.

The Eight Advisory Avocats team that performed the tax vendor due diligence was composed of Guillaume Rembry, Kévin Peau and Tatiana Maroslavac.