Eight Advisory performs the financial and tax due diligences of OpenIO for OVHcloud

28 July 2020

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Eight Advisory performs the financial and tax due diligences of OpenIO for OVHcloud

OVHCloud mandated Eight Advisory to perform OpenIO’s financial and tax due diligences.

OpenIO is a French company specialized in object storage that distinguished itself by designing the new generation of S3-compatible object storage solutions, the best adapted to Big Data and High Performance Computing workloads.

With this acquisition, OVHcloud will be able to combine its industrial and cloud infrastructure expertise with the functional richness and performance of the OpenIO technology. This alliance will enable OVHcloud to meet the technological challenges of both large enterprises and startups.

OpenIO’s workforce will join the OVHcloud teams in Roubaix, Paris, but also internationally.

Eight Advisory performed the financial due diligence, the team was composed of Florent Garnier and Baptiste Piasentin.

Eight Advisory Tax performed the tax due diligence, the team was composed of Guillaume Rembry, Baptiste Gachet and Pierre-Emmannuel Floc’h.


About Eight Advisory:

Eight Advisory provides guidance to managers, investors and banks in their corporate Transactions, Reorganizations, Transformations and Financial Engineering both in France and internationally. The firm’s 440 employees, including 54 Partners, propose a financial and operational specialization dedicated to assisting managerial decision-making.

Eight Advisory is a European group, with a presence in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, capable of tapping, by virtue of its status as an Eight International Founding Member, into a network composed of several independent partners set up in 20 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

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