Eight Advisory performed the financial vendor due diligence for Sagard in the context of its exit from the capital in the Climater Group

25 November 2021

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The Climater Group is involved in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of HVAC systems, particularly in the fields of heating, air conditioning and ventilation. The Group has become the leading independent HVAC company in the south of France, thanks to a policy of targeted external growth under the ownership of Sagard.

Climater is made up of 28 regional companies working for professionals in industry, healthcare, housing, retail, offices and public facilities. Employing 1,150 people, Climater generated revenues of €240M in 2019. In 2021, its Ebitda will amount to approximately €31M.

The arrival of Cobepa within Climater will enable the company to accelerate its international development through a strategy of external growth.

The Eight Advisory team was composed of Christian Berling and Corentin Bélard.