Eight Advisory carries out the IT due diligence of the Cleeven Group

29 October 2020

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Eight Advisory has been mandated by Vespa Capital and its co-investors to carry out the IT due diligence of Cleeven, in the context of the acquisition of this group.

The Cleeven group is a Swiss company specialized in engineering and technological consulting, created by Mr. Bertrand Duhamel at the end of 2015. The group has experienced strong growth since its creation, increasing from 12 million euros in turnover in 2017 to 25 million euros in 2020.

Vespa Capital is an independent investment fund that acquires SMEs from €15 million to €50 million in partnership with their managers. Vespa Capital promotes the long-term development of its investments, thanks to the experience of its investors and its industrial and international network. Vespa Capital’s team is composed of experienced professionals who together represent the fund’s leading investor. The investors are mainly entrepreneurs who have already successfully completed an LBO. Based in France, Vespa Capital also has offices in London and Luxembourg.

Eight Advisory carried out the IT due diligence for the acquirer. The team was composed of Jean-Christophe Fuzzati and Romain Tormen.