Eight Advisory carries out the financial vendor due diligence of Nacarat on behalf of the Rabot Dutilleul Group

30 July 2020

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Eight Advisory carries out the financial vendor due diligence of Nacarat on behalf of the Rabot Dutilleul Group

The Rabot Dutilleul Group commissioned Eight Advisory to carry out financial vendor due diligence of Nacarat, in connection with the sale of its majority stake in Nacarat, the subsidiary that carries the Group’s development business, to Procivis Nord.

Nacarat, a multi-disciplinary developer for more than 40 years, carries out commercial and residential real estate projects. The company has 197 employees and a turnover of €194M.

Procivis Nord is a real estate group which covers the activities of promoter, developer, developer, builder of individual houses and property administrator. This operation will enable the Procivis Nord group to strengthen one of its core businesses, property development, and to complete its territorial coverage.

The financial vendor due diligence was carried out by Eight Advisory’s Real Estate team, led by Philippe Méjean, Partner, and under the supervision of Kaoutar Dehaumont, Director.


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