Eight Advisory carried out the financial buy-side due diligence in the context of Trajan’s acquisition of a stake in La Coque de Nacre

14 April 2021

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Founded in 1954, La Coque de Nacre manufactures and creates silver, gold-plated, ceramic or steel jewelry collections for exclusively professional clients.

Created in 2017, Trajan Capital seeks to provide a complete capital and management takeover solution for French SMEs in the transmission phase.

With its co-investors (Financière du Cèdre, Socadif Capital Investissement, Rives Croissance and Caisse d’Epargne Ile de France Capital Investissement), Trajan Capital becomes a 75% shareholder of the Group. The founding family retains approximately 20% of the shares to ensure a smooth transition and 5% of the capital is now held by the manager and six key executives

The Eight Advisory team was composed of Fabien Thièblemont and Nabil Saci.