Eight Advisory carried out the Buyside financial due diligence on behalf of Hyperion Developpement / Andera Partners for the acquisition of Expertam

6 May 2021

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Expertam is a major player in asbestos, a consulting firm specializing in real estate diagnostics and project management. It is present in Ile-de-France, Brittany and Aquitaine.

Hyperion Développement is the new structure that brings together ADX Group (Allodiagnostic), ADX Formation and BCTI (Bureau de contrôle technique & innovation), a dedicated subsidiary. Hyperion Développement groups together the group’s support functions: from administration to communication, via HR, IT services, and so on.

Founded in 2001, Andera Partners is a private equity firm headquartered in Paris.

The Eight Advisory team was composed of Fabien Thièblemont and François Gallizia.