Eight Advisory carried out the buy-side due diligence for Labelium in the context of the acquisition of Arcane

13 July 2021

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Arcane is an online marketing agency founded in Paris in 2016 and composed of about forty employees for about fifty clients (mainly e-tailers and physical distributors but also some tour operators). Arcane is known for having developed a solid technical base composed of proprietary tools.

Labelium is also a Paris-based online marketing agency, founded in 2001 and now present in some fifteen countries. Labelium had its first MBO at the end of 2017 with the arrival of Qualium.

Arcane brings Labelium three solutions in particular: one for managing product flows (SmartFeeds), one for aggregating and tracking marketing spend (HubMetrics) and one for managing and optimising advertising campaigns (AdScale). Arcane is Labelium’s fifth acquisition since Qualium became a shareholder.

The Eight Advisory team was composed of Christian Berling et Emir Montacer.