WCR procedure within a large group

Sector of activity: Agribusiness, cooperative
Size (sales in €m): €4bn


  • Establishment of a group with sales of over €4 billion comprising multiple activities from harvesting to trading and primary or secondary processing in France and in 15 countries
  • Management’s desire to secure its future cash flow generation, which conditions the process of further consolidation and internationalization

Our mission

  • Establish a group-wide 3-year process of WCR optimization as well as its cross-cutting management
  • Mobilize an initial scope of 5 companies and demonstrate the high-impact nature of the procedure with the first visible successes
  • Train and mobilize management at the group’s other subsidiaries


  • The first scope mobilized made it possible to demonstrate a challenge for cash flow improvement in excess of €100m for sales of € 1.5bn and the first results in less than 6 months
  • After a coaching and training phase, the group was able to continue with deployment unassisted

Key success factors

  • Team combining operational and financial expertise around key themes: Customer/stocks/supply chain/suppliers/capex
  • Ability to address the working capital and cash flow issues from a highly operational angle
  • Experience of large-scale roll-out projects
  • Change management, mobilization and support of client teams