Operational diagnosis

Sector of activity: Services
Size (sales in €m): 200


  • The group had recently acquired a competitor and initiated efforts to integrate both businesses
  • The business acquired showed sales and profitability down sharply on its historical performance level
  • The tools used by management control were deemed overly financial which meant that the operational causes of this drift were unable to be identified and analyzed

Our mission

  • Conduct of an inventory of the financial and operational performance of the business
  • Determination of the origin of the difficulties and associated losses
  • Identification of areas for performance improvement in the short and medium term


  • Quantified and detailed diagnosis of the downturn in performance
  • Detailed and quantified action plan to improve profitability, allowing top management to set specific objectives for operational personnel

Key success factors

  • Familiarity with the sector
  • Ability to analyze a case of under-performance on the financial and operational levels