Selection of a first ERP for a logistics company experiencing hypergrowth

Industry: Logistics & Warehousing

Revenues (in €m): 300


This mid-size company is key logistics player, operating in more than 20 countries, and has experienced very strong growth over the last decade, supported by business diversification and international development.

The IT systems no longer fit to the new dimension of the company. Specifically the accounting system only covers general accounting and is saturated. Most controlling and procurement tasks are done manually through complex workbooks, leading to mistakes. In other words there is no ERP implemented.

As the company underperformed in 2019, the lack of reliability of the figures became troublesome for the top management, time-consuming for the support functions and crippling for the business decision-makers.

Our mission

  • Confirm the need to implement a first ERP and define the functional, business and geographical scope it should cover
  • Write down the business requirements, the functional and technical specifications and a request for proposal
  • Support our client in the tender process, the selection of the vendor and the integrator until the contract is signed


  • Selection of a new solution and an integrator that fit the needs, in less than 3 months, starting from scratch
  • Use of competition lever in order to pick the best solution that meets the needs and constraints, at the best price

Key success factors

  • Take all stakeholders’ needs into account (top management, support functions, operations, IT)
  • Adopt a culture of compromise based on transparency by combining individual and collective workshops, in order to reconcile business needs with technical and financial constraints
  • Rely on a TCO approach to compare the options on the table (functional gaps, project credibility, SaaS model or not, etc.)