IT due diligence for an insurance brokerage company with several branches relying on heterogeneous IT environments

Industry: Credit & Insurance brokerage

Revenues (in €m): 242


  • Plan by an investment fund to become major shareholder of a French credit and insurance brokerage leading company
  • Target has several subsidiaries and different Information Systems and applications

Our mission

  • Identification of the structuring IT and tech elements for the operation of the company
  • Analysis of applications, organization, strategy and associated costs
  • Analysis of IT and tech impacts on the level of EBITDA and Net Debt


  • Report highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the Information System, and raising the right alerts
  • Synthesis and indicators allowing secured and proper fund raising

Key Success Factors

  • Functional expertise of applications and IS infrastructures
  • Ability to support our client on a high-stakes transaction while preserving confidentiality
  • Quick identification of the structuring aspects and issues with the target’s management