Design and implementation of digital transformation roadmap for a B2B distribution company going through a turnaround plan

Industry: B2B Distribution

Revenues (in €m): 250


This French branch of a European wider group has been faced with substantial losses for several years. Eight Advisory restructuring teams have first carried out a mission to build a new Business Plan and to secure a refinancing plan, as the French entity could be divested and bought by a new shareholder eager to support the turnaround of the company in France.

This first step identified that the IT systems had been underinvested over the past years and that their efficiency was strongly damaged due to a lack of transparency regarding the IT services delivered by the headquarters to the French entity. The needs in terms of IT & Digital Transformation are therefore paramount and crucial to support the turnaround of the company…while the teams in place don’t have the bandwidth to properly carry out the many projects in the pipeline.

Our mission

  • Help the French company to become independent from the group and take control of their IT environment and roadmap
  • Write down a 2-year IT roadmap in order to kick-off crucial projects in priority and stop/postpone dispensable initiatives
  • Translate the financial implications of the IT roadmap into the Business Plan and support the management in the launch of the transformation program


  • Delivery of a new roadmap in 1 month, including a projects portfolio validated by the ExCom, budget impacts and resource planning
  • Implementation of a governance and project management tools in order to ensure the start and the success of the transformation program

Key Success Factors

  • Adopt a culture of compromise based on transparency by combining individual and collective workshops, in order to reconcile business needs with technical and financial constraints
  • Define a clear governance with detailed roles and responsibilities so that the transformation is embodied by key leaders and contributors
  • Take all stakeholders’ needs into account (Top management, support functions, business managers, IT)