Preparation of the strategic plan and modeling of the business plan

Sector of activity: Media
Size of company purchased (sales in €m): > 50


  • The group planned to raise funds to finance its developments, particularly in the digital field
  • The group’s senior management was looking for help with preparing the strategic plan and the attendant business plan

Our mission

  • Identification and description of all the developments envisaged by senior management
  • Preparation of the group’s strategic plan, including both market trends and actions planned to change its positioning as well as its sources of income
  • Writing of a report detailing the strategic plan in a visual and didactic manner
  • Preparation of a 5-year business plan, with a presentation of key hypotheses and modeling of several scenarios
  • Writing of a report presenting the business plan, the main areas of risk and the sensitivity of future results to certain operational hypotheses


  • The group presented the strategic plan and the business plan to its principal shareholders. Following this presentation, the shareholders agreed to open negotiations with new investors

Key success factors

  • The reputation of the Eight Advisory team in terms of evaluation and confidence in its ability to build comprehensive financial models
  • Capacity to mobilize the team for 4 weeks with a daily presence of the Partner in charge of the assignment
  • Creation of a multidisciplinary team bringing together financial modeling experts and consultants specialized in improving operational performance
  • Ability to prepare clear and accurate documentation
  • The availability of the Eight Advisory team in respect of senior management so as to advise them on several themes related to the main assignment