Establishment of a Treasury Department

Sector of activity: Logistics
Size (sales in €bn): 3.6


  • The Group was sold by its long-standing shareholder (CAC 40)
  • Management had to become autonomous in a few weeks to manage all cash related matters in 37 countries

Our mission

  • Support for the definition of the target organization’s Treasury function (team, principal missions, anchoring within the Finance Department, functional and geographical responsibilities, etc.)
  • Definition and implementation of cash management tools (cash management system, cash reporting, net debt report, cash forecast, etc.)
  • Definition of cash flow system within the new autonomous Group
  • Implementation of centralization of cash and cash equivalents at HQ
  • Rationalization of bank flows and bank charges


  • Within weeks, the Management was able to ensure efficient management of the Group’s cash and cash equivalents

Key success factors

Assignment led by a team of Treasurers

Extensive specialized experience

Shortened response time

The management was able to rapidly acquire the ‘Best Practices’ for cash management

Within weeks, the group became autonomous in a technical and entirely new field