A career at Eight Advisory is divided into four major periods:


The employee spends 2 years at the analyst level during which they help conduct analyses on assignments. They are fully involved in all stages of the assignment and participate in meetings with the client or other advisors involved in the project (lawyers, bankers, strategy consultants, etc.). The members of the assignment team (from the senior to the partner) participate in the employee’s day-to-day training to help them acquire all the technical knowledge required to work autonomously as soon as possible.


During their time as a senior, lasting 2 to 3 years, the employee consolidates their technical knowledge and supervises analysts in the performance of their work. The employee is accompanied in the development of their relational and managerial skills so that they gradually become fully responsible for project management.


Once these qualities have been demonstrated over the course of 6 years from the grade of Manager to that of Senior Manager, then upwards to Director, the employee manages increasingly complex projects autonomously. They also develop business skills in order to participate in the development and outreach of the firm.


After a minimum of 10 years’ experience, a promotion to partner is possible depending on performance levels as well as technical, sales and management skills acquired.