Industry : Printing
Sales (in m€) : 0
Staff : 100


  • Integration of loss-making line of business and definition of new business model as no customer is to be transferred to the buyer. Production to start after deal is closed without any revenue.
  • Restructuring plan and investment program to be implemented.

Our job description

  • Two streams of work :
    • Distressed Financial due diligence with very operational approach (past records analysis, organization of operations) ;
    • Definition of new business model and recovery plan developed by 8A jointly with target company and buyer.
  • Assistance in the CAPEX plan definition and requirements.


  • 6 months into the deal, the buyer has enacted changes defined over the operational review and all milestones have been confirmed.

Keys to success

  • Ability to work on site in under-performing environment.
  • Assistance offered to buyer from data crunching through to negotiations, as needed to close the deal and then phase in turnaround successfully.